Welcome to Insta Family : Apps, Sites & Tips for Instagram users Pt.3

Dear Instagrammers,

Welcome to our third and last week for apps, sites & Tips for Instagram users. I hope you enjoyed the previous posts and learned a lot from them. Today we will share more apps, sites and tips. So let’s start the ride.

1- Webbygram


Want to check the most popular pictures on Instagram just sign in and enjoy the interesting and most liked pictures in webbygram. Who knows maybe your picture will be one of the most liked pictures :0

2- Carousel


If you are a mac user and wanted Instagram photos shown on your desktop. Here’s an app that will help you enjoy this feature. What Carousel does for you is that it can let you view your feed, follow and explore users and comment on their profiles. More than that you can drag and drop your pictures and save them on your desktop easily. With this interesting app you need only $3.99 to enjoy the Instagram experience.


3- Try posting at least one or two pictures everyday. Don’t just post any pictures, post an interesting pictures and tell them what’s the purpose of sharing this experience.

4- Be creative when you post your pictures, for example today post a funny picture, tomorrow share an inspirational picture and the day after share a poem or a picture of a great moment in your life.

5- VSCO Cam 


An interesting app that will make you creative in taking pictures. VSCOCam has a great filters and you can create beautiful images that will make you to share it for sure.

After this interesting journey for the past few weeks all I can say is take these interesting apps, sites and tips and put them to work and if there’s anything that you want to share feel free to add. Keep Instagraming and share your moments see you in our next post and with a new topic 🙂



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