Welcome to Insta Family : Apps, Sites & Tips for Instagram users Pt.2

Welcome back dear followers and readers to our 2nd post for interesting apps, sites and tips for Instagram users. In our last post I shared a few Apps, sites and tips. Today I will share more interesting things for you to become more productive and efficient when you use Instagram app. So let’s start our ride!

1- Overgram and Instarabic

Sometimes when we take pictures we would like to put memorable or interesting comments on the picture, but Instagram app still doesn’t provide this feature yet! So an alternative solution for this challenge is to use these two interesting apps:


A- Overgram is an app that will allow you to write in english and you can use it with different interesting fonts.


B- InstArabic This is app is for arabic users who would like to write on their photos and share it with their friends and loved ones.


2- Taking multiple pictures is one of the most advices that I like to share with others and it is very effective to take more than one picture from the same scene, because some times the first picture is blurry or someone passed…..etc. So my advice is to always take multiple pictures.

3- TagsforLikes

Want to see your picture get searched more often, want to get more likes, to know the top hashtags, and sometimes get more followers this app will help you a lot. So enjoy the likes 🙂


4- Follow professional photographers and learn from them how they take pictures and what kind of angles, lenses, apps and devices they use. So like, comment and learn. Instagram profile promote many photographers on a weekly basis and that is a good start for you.

5- Recollect – InstArchive


How many pictures you took from your camera or your mobile device and sometimes we don’t know where did we put the flash drive or maybe we lost the data?! Yikes! Here’s the solution for you! Recollects (InstArchive) helps you recollect all your Instagram photos and save it in a zip file and have a backup in case something goes wrong. Simple as that.

Still more to come so till next time enjoy Instagramming!


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