Kuwait it’s Time to Celebrate

Congratulations Dear Kuwait for your 52nd national day and 22nd libration day Feb 25 – 26 and May Allah (God) bless this country with safety and security. 


Now, who wants to celebrate!


It’s so beautiful seeing people celebrate their national and liberation day with family and friends. Looking around you and the only thing you see is only your country flag. 

So far so good!

What I would like to see is less trouble and accidents during these days?!

People like to go to certain areas in the country to celebrate, but the problem is some of them goes wild and makes trouble and annoys people and sometimes they get into fights. Okay you can celebrate, but with limits and making no harm to anybody else and don’t forget your manners matters and it will reflect your country’s image! I know you will say don’t judge on one persons behavior thats right, but some of them will stereo type so watch yourself.


Plus, you can share your moments by using Social Media tools such as:

Twitter and Facebook = sharing interesting thoughts, memories and what are you doing in the mean time.

Instagram and VIne = share interesting photos from the celebration and you will get the like 🙂

YouTube or Keek = record these moments for later.

or write an interesting blog post “better than mine of course” and share your opinion about the celebration.

Again congratulations Kuwait and we hope the best for you and your people


I am going out to celebrate! 

till my next post inshallah take care

aalzain 🙂


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