To share or not to share that is the question.

Aziz 1: Hey Zee have you heard of Product / service / company X it launched a few days ago. I got it from this source. He/she releases the latest info up to date and I really like watching her/his twitter account, blog, facebook page, Youtube videos, Instagram account, Pinterest….etc.

Aziz 2: Yeah. I heard about it a few weeks ago!

Aziz 1: Then why didn’t you share this valuable info with us?!

Aziz 2: I don’t know? I thought no one will know about it or share it?!

Aziz 2: I was planning to share it on that date!

Aziz 1: Well, someone did before that date!

Many questions comes to my mind, but I will share the main ones.

1)      Why do we share?

2)      Is sharing a good thing?

3)      Do we need to share everything we know?

4)      When it is appropriate to share?

5)      Is sharing equals copying

Have you ever thought of sharing good information with your friends / colleagues / family members / community / the world?

If the answer is yes. Why? And if the answer is no. why also?

Think about it for a bit

1)      Why do we share?

Because I want to let people know about the latest information.


Because I want them to use it.


Because  I want them to share it with others.


Because I want them improve in what they’re doing and better their life.


Because I want to be a good source for that field.

Okay makes sense and that will take us to the next question.

2)      Is sharing a good thing?

Some people might say yes and some might say no, but I say yes it is a good thing to share.

Sharing gives you credibility – trustworthiness and people will start asking you if there’s anything new or interesting to know about or what do you think of these new trends, and they will respect your opinion and it will build a good image.

Here’s a good example, when you’re thinking of buying a book, DVD, clothes, shoes…etc and let’s say you visit amazon. You write down the type of product you’re interested to buy, but before you click add to cart button first you read previous buyers opinions and their ratings about the product. After reading their opinions you make your decision that you will buy this product or not. But wait a minute I don’t know these people that well, but how did they influence my decision? (Will talk about it in depth in a different post.)


3)      Do we need to share everything we know?

All I can say is you can share what do you think it is important, interesting, good to know about for your audience. And don’t forget you share something you’re interested in.

4)      When it is appropriate to share?

With Social media tools we can say anytime you can share there’s no limit of when to share your content, but don’t share it more than it needs or your audience will get annoyed fast so be careful.

5)      Is sharing equals copying

Some readers might say sharing good information is copying others work and others would say the opposite. What I can say here is there are situations when it is copying and there are other situations when it is not. For example, taking good information from a good source and mentioning where did you get that information from that’s what I call sharing, but if you get information from another source and put it under your name…..I think you know what I mean

Here a few thoughts about sharing from Clay Shirky

I shared my thoughts and I will keep sharing inshallah. So here’s my advice to you is to start sharing or keep sharing for the benefit of good. There’s a nice quote from James W. Young’s book saying don’t hold your ideas or information to yourself submit it to the public and let them criticize it. You will generate great ideas and share a lot of interesting information.



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