If you are a President of a country or an ordinary person you need these tools

A decade ago, when you need to promote yourself, the only way is to do the traditional way by submitting your CV and you will hear “we’ll call you back!”  It’s still working, but there’s something missing? A proof that you’re working and doing what you’re saying. How and why? A few years ago a regular U.S. Senator wasn’t known, but a in few months later, he became the 44th President of United States of America. Another story from an ordinary kid from Canada, with a great voice posted a few videos, a few weeks later you see music producers running to sign a contract with him and my niece wants to take a personal picture with him. I’ll keep the search for those names to you! From my perspective these two individuals used a few tools to promote themselves to public to let them know that they are capable of what they’re saying and you can hire me. These tools are one of the sources that increased their familiarity and likeability. I hope I am not too late to share this info with you, but it’s worth the try

Is the leader social network site in 119 out of 139 countries and more than 70% of Facebook users were outside the U.S. So what do you need? You need a profile page, fan page and group page, but each one has a purpose and we’ll discus that later.

You can share your thoughts in a few words. You can give them the updates of what you’re doing in the mean time; build relationships with people from all over the world without even meeting them. One more thing I want to mention that 50% of journalists use twitter as a source to get news from, so share your news.  Tweet something good or bad you will be known. If not then where are you?

I call it the new T.V channel for the world. The amount of 48 hours of video uploaded every minute on YouTube. You can add your seminars, speeches, interviews, funny clips, music clips or trailers of your T.V shows or movies if you are an actor/actress to spread your awareness all over the world even while you’re sleeping.


President Barack Obama during his 2008 Campaign 🙂

This is your kingdom. This is the place that you promote yourself, your products, your clients, expertise in the field and the place that you want everyone to visit. In a recent study they found out those average visitors spends 66% more time on social networks and blogs sites, so make sure you’re spending a good time sharing good information and content with your audience in your blog.

LinkedIn is now the largest professional network on the internet. At LinkedIn you can network with other colleagues and friends, by sharing your expertise through your resume and building groups. In a recent study they found out that 80% of company employers use LinkedIn to hire prospective. Besides that, LinkedIn helps you to keep in touch business women/men.

You need to have a profile, because if you tell me you are well-known person and I Google you and find nothing then you’re a scam!

If you made a presentation, seminar, workshop or speeches, don’t hide these slides in your flash drive or at the archives in your laptop. Share them with the public, share your expertise and what you came up with so far. Because, people will help you by providing more info or short cuts, correct you, or get a phone call to do presentation about the subject. I am good with that are you?

Those nice pictures that you took with famous people or places you attended and want to share them, I think this is the place that you need post them in.



 The best place to promote your business, others businesses or places you would like others to visit. Plus customers want to be recognized, and businesses want to know who their biggest fans are so these tools  (Yelp, Foursquare, Gowalla) are good to check.

After this social journey I think these tools are a must have for everyone in today’s world. I hope I am not late talking about this topic.


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