Tribes. We need to follow you!

  A couple of months ago I read an interesting book called Tribes written by one of my favorite marketers SethGodin he is one of the most famous marketers who talks about social media and online marketing. His recent book Tribes talks that each person is interested in something and want to share or have a group of people to share this information with. Basiclly Seth want us to start our own movement and make people follow us so we can learn from eachother and in the same time you will be the leader of that movement. Recently Seth spoke in TEDtalks about his movement Tribes and how we need to start one and making people following us.

  This issue is not new and there are a few people who spoke about this idea and one of them is MichaelPort who also recently released his new book about ThinkBig Manifesto.

   So my advice is to Start building your own tribe now or someone will!


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