Presentation Zen & Slide-ology two birds with one rock!

In March 15, 2009 I am planning to make a visit to Silicon Valley in California and learn from two of the best experts in presentations and I am so pumped about it.


The Authors

The first Author is Garr Reynolds the author of Presentation Zen. He worked for Apple for a while and he lives in Japan now with his family. I have read his book and it was one of the best books that I have read so far about the art of giving a great presentation. Here’s the link for his website if you are interested.

The 2nd author is Nancy Duarte and she is one of the best people in presentations and Slides. Probably most people don’t know much about her, but in brief she is one of the people who helped Al Gore with his presentation: The Inconvenient Truth. The famous movie that made him get an Oscar and Noble prize for peace. For more info check these websites out.

All the best to everybody.



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