Looking for a toothbrush!

A couple weeks ago, after Fajr prayer I went to the supermarket to get a ‘toothbrush’ as any regular consumer. So what I did is I went to the ‘toothpaste’ section to get my get my toothbrush. Most people knows that the ‘toothpaste’ aisle shares the same spot with toothbrush, but the surprise is when I went to the toothpaste section I found out that there is no tooth brushes there! That’s odd! So I said to myself maybe it will in the aisle next to it, and the seacrh keeps on going and there’s no sign of a tooth brush. After I lost hope I went to the cashier and asked him where’s the toothbrush is located? He replies in the diapers section!? Why they do this! no idea.

After I found the toothbrush section I was looking for the tooth brush that I am looking for, but no sign of it maybe it, but I am at the poster and they are showing my tooth brush ‘the one that I am looking for’ but no sign of it!

There were a few questions came to my mind.

1-Why the toothbrush was not sharing the same aisle with the toothpaste?

2-putting toothbrush in a different aisle will increase sale?

for the first question I don’t know why, but one of my friends said”because of bribry!” The executive board who works for the supermarket each one of them has his own aisle so they can make more money that’s why they’re having the toothbrush in a different aisle! but it is a bad strategy. For the 2nd question it won’t make sales higher. If you want to make sales you have to put the toothbrush next to toothpaste and others aisles if you want to make sales.

So in the end I left the supermarket unstisfied, but at least I bought something.


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